Welcome to ACT by Campax!

Do you have a concern that is particularly important to you? An injustice that you want to eradicate? Do you want to make your municipality, your canton or the whole of Switzerland a better place? Then you've come to the right place!

What is ACT by Campax?

ACT by Campax is the petition platform of Campax, the progressive Swiss NGO in which a steadily growing number of people are campaigning for a sustainable and humane society.

By participating in our campaigns, you become part of the Campax community and help to protect the values that are important to us.

Why ACT by Campax?

If you start a campaign on ACT by Campax, you will be supported free of charge by an experienced campaigner. Under no circumstances will we ever sell your data or that of your supporters. Your data is safe with us! Via ACT by Campax, you also have the largest social, fair and ecological community in Switzerland to back you up.

Building support in the community

What's bothering you, what needs to change? Start your campaign here on ACT by Campax, get people behind your cause and change the world. The Campax community will help you!

But beware: once you've experienced how great it feels to have changed the world, you'll want to have that feeling again and again.

Do you have any questions?

You can find answers here.

Your organisation would like to start a petition on ACT by Campax?

Contact Iared, the ACT by Campax manager at Campax, he will be happy to help you personally.


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