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      1. what is ACT?
      2. Which topic can I not run a campaign on?
      3. How does Campax decide which campaigns are published on the homepage?
      4. what about data protection?
      5. Who controls the data on the website?
      6. What else can I do in my campaign besides starting a petition?
      7. Can I cancel my petition?
      8. Who can launch and sign a petition?
      9. How will signatures make a difference to petitions?
      10. I like this and want to learn more. What happens next?
      11. How can I start a petition in several languages?
      12. I no longer wish to receive updates about a campaign I have subscribed to. How do I cancel my subscription?

What is ACT?

ACT is the petition platform from Campax that allows you to start and run campaigns with the necessary technology on any topic at any time. By creating and participating in petitions on ACT, you become part of the Campax community - without any obligation, of course.
Your campaign can be big or small, heroic or ordinary. This is about people power. If you have an idea to make your community, school, local playground or the planet a better place, we offer this platform to support you. What have you noticed that needs to be improved? Where do you see an opportunity for positive change? Your campaign does not have to be limited to specific topics or locations. Your audience can be global or local.
The most important step in launching a campaign is to get the ball rolling - don't worry about getting it 100% right. Even experienced, professional campaigners make mistakes and change direction as things develop. You don't have to be an expert to start a campaign. You just have to be willing to learn new things along the way.

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On which topic can I not run a campaign?

If your issue deviates too much from the Campax values for a socially just, environmentally sustainable and peaceful society, then ACT is the wrong place for your campaign. However, we also expect to see campaigns that we don't agree with 100%. Campaigns that may seem a little arbitrary and/or just plain crazy. That's ok with us as long as it's not defamatory, discriminatory or even illegal. You understand what we're getting at.
At the end of the day, that's what matters: Does your campaign promote or incite violence? Does it promote bullying or advocate discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation? Is it defamatory? No? Excellent. Then it's all good.
We reserve the right to remove something if, in our opinion, it has crossed the line of decency. Therefore, please take responsibility for your campaign and observe the terms of use.

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How does Campax decide which campaigns to publish on the homepage?

A number of factors contribute to which campaigns are highlighted on the homepage. These include campaigns that are winning, campaigns that have seen rapid growth and campaigns that are particularly topical.

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What about data protection?

These things take up a lot of space, so please read our Privacy Policy in full.

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Who controls the data on the website?

While you are able to send emails to your supporters through the Website, data protection laws prohibit us from sharing your supporters' email addresses with you. The data collected on and through the Website remains the property of Campax.

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What else can I do in my campaign besides starting a petition?

On ACT you can start a petition, share it with your network and exchange information with your supporters by email.
ACT also helps you to take your campaign to the streets. For example, you can download a blank copy of your petition, collect signatures in person and then simply enter your details into the system. You can also download a finished copy of your petition to print out and send to your target person - even better is a personal handover.
You can access all of these features from the administration page.
This is a tool that allows anyone, anywhere, to run a campaign from start to finish.

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Can I cancel my petition?


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Who can launch and sign a petition?

Any person, regardless of age, gender or nationality, can launch and sign a petition.

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How will signatures make a difference to petitions


Petitions provide a useful snapshot of public support for a cause and come with a list of people who all share a common commitment or concern. And you don't always need a large number of people to make a big impact - think about a local issue where a petition from 20 neighbours in a street would force someone to listen.
Petitions can be the catalyst for conversations that change people's mindsets. Think about conversations with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, church groups, school, fellow consumers, associations, political representatives or business leaders. It's most effective if you deliver your petition to your target in a personal, high-profile or creative way while explaining why the supporters feel the way they do. But it probably won't achieve much if you just start a petition and then neglect it.

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I like it and would like to find out more. What happens next?

Super, you've understood the ABCs of campaign management and are ready for more advanced knowledge. Excellent.
The problem is this. Sometimes your campaign is won pretty quickly and that's an amazing feeling. Other times, a campaign needs a movement of supporters behind it to be truly successful. This tends to be the case when the barriers of the problem to be changed are high.
Then you need to build a movement.
Movements are different groups of people who probably have different skills, professions and interests, but unite for a common purpose. These individuals can communicate why an issue is important to them and will often experiment with different tactics over time to build power and initiate lasting change.
You can't build a movement alone. A movement is built from a team of people with complementary strengths and diverse skills. Real movements grow through collaboration and sharing of skills, and while some step forward as leaders, everyone has a role to fulfil.
To build a movement, you need to find people who care about the issue but have different skills than you. If you are good at writing, find someone who is good at accounting. If you're not a social person, find someone who is. Build and invest in those personal relationships to ensure your team is strong and diverse.

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How can I start a petition in multiple languages


The platform itself is currently available in German and French - unfortunately, the content of the petition itself cannot be translated.
We recommend starting one petition per language version.
If you only want to start one petition, we recommend inserting the text blocks of the different languages one after the other in the respective field. Especially with the title, it can be a bit tricky to find something that works for all languages.

!!! Attention: The URL is created from the first title you choose when creating the petition - the title can be changed afterwards, but not the URL.

Here are some examples of multilingual petitions

Ban nuclear weapons - save humanitarian tradition
Pour l'interdiction des armes nucléaires - Défendons notre tradition humanitaire!

Euro 2024 exclusion of Belarus: Red card for enemies of human rights and warmongers

SOS sda/ats - Let's save notre agence di stampa trilingue!

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I no longer wish to receive updates about a campaign I have subscribed to. How do I cancel my subscription?

It's a shame to see you go, but you can unsubscribe by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link in the emails you receive.