To: Federal Council, Federal Assembly, Federal Court!

Stop Swiss franc counterfeiting!

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The appeal states that "Swiss francs" should only be used to describe money if the manufacturer is explicitly designated by law. And only the "Swiss franc" may be legal tender.

Did you know that if you buy a counterfeit "Gucci" bag, you are liable to prosecution? The manufacturer of this bag is just as punishable!
But did you also know that the money in your account shouldn't actually be called Swiss francs?

Why this?

1. Article 99 of the Federal Constitution states that only banknotes/coins/demand deposits with the central bank are legal tender.
2. The rest of the money supply (about 90%) was created out of thin air by banks through lending.
3. Do you know of a law that allows banks to create money? Not me! And you probably don't either. There is no such law!

What is the problem of current money making?

One of the biggest problems is that when too many loans default, the bank is unable to pay out your money either. And when all depositors try to withdraw their money at once, there is a so-called "bank run".
The banks issued these loans in Swiss francs, which is counterfeiting/piracy. By launching a product with such notoriety, they gain immense benefits.
The banks have a banking license, but this is for lending, it's not for lending with home-made money that happens to be called "Swiss Francs".
The banks run a bomb business with immense margins that puts the drug business in the shade! I would also like to sell "Gucci" bags at the original price, but it doesn't cost me anything to make them. Because the loans from the banks are digital money and their production costs next to nothing.

Why is this important?

1. The money may only be called "Swiss francs" if the manufacturer is explicitly designated by law.
2. In addition, the "Swiss franc" must become legal tender.

As a result, it is almost certain that these will be centrally (ideally even directly by the people) supervised bodies. Determining this is not part of the petition, but is decided by the whole people in a separate step, be it through a popular initiative or some other democratic instrument. The risk of uncontrolled money multiplication is thereby largely limited.

How it will be delivered