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To: City of Bern, Federal Assembly

Solidarity with the Swiss Climate Movement: #RiseUpForChange

The Swiss climate justice movement has been occupying the square in front of the Swiss parliament since early monday morning on the 21st of September.The city of Bern gave the activists an ultimatum to leave the square until Tuesday noon. On Monday evening the national council decided thanks to a motion for order by a member of the SVP to demand the immediate eviction of the climate activists.

The signatories show solidarity with the Swiss climate activists and demand from the city of Bern to respect the climate justice movement and to not evict them from the square. They demand from the national council, to withdraw the motion of order and immediately decide on sufficient measures in respect to climate justice with the reduction goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Why is this important?

At the climate camp the different actors of the climate justice movement with Climate Strike Switzerland, Extinction Rebellion Siwtzerland, Collective Climate Justice and Collectif Break Free are for the first time working hand in hand. From September 20th to the 25th they show how a future climate just society could look like. With workshops, discussions and different actions
Beim Klimacamp arbeiten erstmals die verschiedene Akteur*innen der Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung wie Collective Climate Justice, Extinction Rebellion, Klimastreik und Collectif Break Free alle zusammen. Vom 20. bis zum 25. September wird in Bern gezeigt, wie ein klimagerechtes Zusammenleben in Zukunft aussehen kann. Workshops, discussions and various activities will address the most diverse aspects of climate justice. Collectively, the activists want to think in climate assemblies about how a social and just world, without exploitation of nature, can look like.

For the National Council, on the other hand, peace, order and an unobstructed walk for politicians across the square in front of the Swiss parliament seem to be more important than a right to life and a secure future. Instead of facing up to the challenges of the climate crisis, a majority in parliament wants to have those who remind it of its responsibility in the current emergency removed. In doing so, the majority of parliamentarians are taking the side of those who are prepared to sacrifice our future and the lives of people in the Global South for short-term profit. While the livelihoods of all of us continue to be destroyed, activists are being criminalized for their involvement.

The Swiss government is responsible for the climate crisis and thus for the suffering and death of millions of people worldwide. The climate crisis does not allow any further delay.



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