ARRA and UNHCR get Us(Eritreans Seeking Asylum) Registered for Asylum and protection!!!

Here In Addis Ababa,Ethiopia. We Eritreans seeking Asylum (Example putting myself as a Former IT OFFICER to the Eritrean Presidential office branched EMIC and Milesian personal assistant imagine it what will happen and their are Others too.) are in great danger. We aren’t registered as Asylum Seekers in which we don’t have the rights even as those who are refugees registered. We are in danger, don’t have any basic facility even more fear of getting killed, kidnapped, getting departed to our country, getting into prison and persecuted you can imagine what happens. Every Eritrean Asylum Seekers wherever country they live knows what they do(The Dictator Regime). So, it's know how much in danger we are here. I myself have went to ARRA and UNHCR, I have been waiting for more than 3 year’s, everyday every time fear, There are many Us. So, I Call every Citizens of all nations around the world to sign the petition for Us Seeking Asylum, To let ARRA, UNHCR and all concerned office to get Us Registered and never the less give as protection A.S.A.P. please! Help Us!!!

We need advicers and campaigners to make this thing work A.S.A.P(One Sign Saves One)!!!!

Help Us and Share this, please For the Seek of The Almighty God!!!

Why is this important?

To get Us registered as Asylum Seekers.

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