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To: Swiss Federal Council

Switzerland supports Iranian people

After the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini by the so-called "morality police" in Tehran, the people of Iran have risen yet again and the streets of Iran is full of courageous protestors standing in the face of oppression. Mahsa Amini's name has become the code word for resistance and the people of Iran are voicing their rage and anger towards the 44-year rule of the Islamic regime that has no means of survival except violence, persecution, oppression, murder and corruption. Iranians are filling the streets of every village, town and city in Iran with one common demand;
they don't want the Islamic regime any more.
But the Islamic regime is responding with brutal violence, cracking down on unarmed citizens with live ammunition and hoards of thugs in plain clothes and uniform. The regime has shut down the internet that is reminiscent of their brutality a few years ago when they murdered thousands during an internet black out.

Switzerland played an important role for the last 40 years to control the communication between Islamic Republic and the West.
With hosting the most important organisations for Human Rights, this role is really bold.

What Must be done:
1- Condemn the Islamic Republic's violent behavior

2- Expel the ambassador

3-Impose strong sanctions (equal with Magnitsky Sanctions) on Iranian officials, key actors and members of the IRGC and Regime responsible for these crackdowns and their families.

4- Deny visas to all Islamic Republic officials and reject those who already got visa or resident permit in Switzerland to be able fleeing from Iran and enter to Switzerland.

5- Ask the social media and technology companies to help circumvent censorship and support for infrastructure to have free access to internet in Iran

6- Open a reliable, fast and efficient way to send Funds for helping Iranian people who are urgently in need for circumstances such as releasing those who got arrested during protests in order to avoid more torturing, raping, killing and suicides.

7-Block and freeze all money and bank accounts related to Islamic Republic officials, key actors and members of the IRGC and Regime and their families as key actors usually hide behind other names.

We ask you to join the Iranian people in their call for freedom. We ask you to stand on the right side of history in the Iranian people's call for an end to the islamic republic regime. We ask you to use your voice and position to condemn in no uncertain terms, the barbaric actions of the regime. We ask you to stand with the Iranian people who chant on every street;

Why is this important?

Iran is a regional and middle power, with a geopolitically strategic location in the Asian continent. It is a founding member of the United Nations, the ECO, the OIC, and the OPEC. It has large reserves of fossil fuels—including the second-largest natural gas supply and the fourth-largest proven oil reserves.

Its leadership’s view of the international order is towards raising a new world order with Moscow and Beijing, adopting a policy of “look to the East,”
The recent Iran-China cooperation document and Iran-Russia agreement can be seen in this light.
This “Look to the East” policy seeks to use Russia and China to bolster Iran, especially on the nuclear issue, and to withstand Western sanctions and threats.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Iranian leadership and its backers expressed their support to Russia and blamed the war on NATO and the West.
Iran is supplying Russia with potentially hundreds of drones for its war in Ukraine, some with combat capabilities. ALready notorious on the battlefield are the kamikaze drones from Iran which have caused many casualties among the Ukranians.

Iran has strengthened its alliance with Russia and China and has remained a hostile force resisting U.S. hegemony. Its influence has only grown as a number of armed non-state or quasi-state groups spread across the region.
One of the most crucial geopolitical transformations has been the emergence of armed non-governmental or quasi-governmental groups in the Middle East. Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, and the Fatimids of Afghanistan are among the major Shiite groups that have been supported by Iran.
Iran built alliances with these groups in response to the security situation in the region.

This movement is about Human rights, started with protesting women fighting for their basic women rights.
it is not about a specific country, religion, race or gender, it is about human beings.
so every human being must act.



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