To: Federal Council

Project for the creation of a National Ufological Archive

Respectable Federal Council

We believe that it is more than necessary to create a National Ufological Archive and offer the public the possibility of having correct information, which can promote knowledge in a scientific and rational manner in this field of study, in order to get out of the state of silence and/or disinformation in which we find ourselves in this nation, and to this end we request the obtaining of an economic fund to allow its realisation.

Why is this important?

We would like to make you aware that the Centro Ufologico della Svizzera Italiana exists in Switzerland since 29 years. With great dedication and seriousness, it deals with scientific ufological research on our territory, both cantonal and national. In the meantime we have collected and catalogued an immense number of documentations, on paper, Vhs, Dvds and more, which we believe it is necessary to digitise in order to create a National Archive, which can be consulted online by all citizens.

It is important for Switzerland to have its own National Archive, considering the fact that in other countries, such as France, for example, GEIPAN, an organisation created by the CNES (French National Space Research Centre) has been studying PANs (phénomènes aérospatiaux non identifiés) for decades, and Brazil, contrary to many other countries, it has shown itself, especially in recent years, to be a nation in the vanguard of what refers to the field of scientific ufological study, by bringing the undoubtedly difficult to understand reality of intelligent life in space, also present on our planet, to the Senate in Brasilia on 24 June 2022, obtaining recognition from the Senate as a subject for scientific study.

Kind regards

CUSI, Centro Ufologico Svizzera Italiana
6915 Pambio-Noranco (Lugano)