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To: The Federal Council and the cantonal governments

Less than 50 coronavirus cases daily, now!

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A consistent Covid-19 containment strategy is crucial to protect the people and the economy of Switzerland. We call on the Federal Council and the cantonal governments to take all measures to stop the increase in new infections immediately and then to keep them below a limit of 50 new cases a day permanently.

This goal should be achieved by the following measures:

1) Reintroduction of the home office recommendation

2) Obligation to wear a mask in all public indoor spaces and very crowded outdoor spaces

3) Effective infection prevention measures in schools and at work

4) High test rate with results within a maximum of 24 hours

5) More effective contact tracing with a uniform national quality standard

6) Collection and ongoing publication of accurate data on where and how infections occur

7) More consistent isolation of infected persons and quarantine of those who have been in contact with infected persons

8) Stricter limitation of the number of participants in events and gatherings

9) Spot checks at land borders in order to better detect returning travelers from risk countries

10) Full transparency on the strategy of the Federal Council and the cantonal governments

11) Strengthened, continuous and consistent communication to inform the population of the correct behaviour during the pandemic

12) A proactive, science-based approach in all aspects of pandemic control, with transparency in all areas and while respecting the precautionary principle

Why is this important?

The number of new infections in Switzerland continues to rise dangerously. Only a consistent containment strategy can reverse this trend and ensure that the virus does not spiral out of control, thus preventing new lockdowns.

Fate is in our hands. We cannot achieve a goal if we do not set one. With infection rates below 50, we will protect the people and the economy at the same time.
We call on the Federal Council and the cantonal governments to assume their responsibilities to achieve this goal.

#StopCovidCH ([email protected] /

Riccardo Fanciola (TI), journalist
Simon Gehren (ZH), lawyer
Caspar Humm (ZH), lawyer
Lucia Lara (ZH), engineer
Hernâni Marques (TI), computer scientist / sociologist
Peter Metzinger (ZH), physicist
Fabio Robbiani (ZH), engineer
Bernice Staub (TG), child psychiatrist
Peter Tomasi (ZH), family doctor
Silke Vehlow (TI), teacher at a vocational school and COVID-19 survivor
Christine Wichert (SG), econometrician




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