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An: Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis

Freedom for Natallia Hersche, a Swiss woman in Belarusian prison

Natallia Hersche finally released!

Almost exactly 17 months after her arrest on 19. September 2020, Natallia Hersche was finally released on 18. February and brought back to Switzerland.

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Dear Federal Councillor Cassis

Please contact Alexander Lukashenko personally and negotiate the immediate and unconditional release of Natallia Hersche.

As a political prisoner of the Belarusian regime, she has been in prison since 19 September - she faces up to 5 years imprisonment in Belarus.

Mr Cassis, you met Mr Lukashenko personally in February this year at the opening of the Swiss Embassy in Minsk. Please follow up on this meeting, speak to Mr Lukashenko immediately, fly to Minsk and bring Natallia Hersche back to Switzerland to join her family!

Please take a proactive stance on behalf of Switzerland's humanitarian and human rights values and work personally for the release of Natallia Hersche and all other political prisoners in Belarus.

Warum ist das wichtig?

Natallia Hersche, a Swiss-Belarusian dual citizen from St. Gallen, had travelled to her former home country in September and was arrested there during a peaceful women's rally. Her imprisonment must be considered arbitrary and politically motivated.

Because she is said to have taken a policeman's balaclava off when she was arrested, she was charged with alleged violent resistance to law enforcement officers. Natallia Hersche affirms her innocence.



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