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To: Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Ceasefire Russia / Ukraine Nato-USA to conclude peace

Dear Federal Councillor Cassis,

Due to the current war in Ukraine and the arms deliveries now taking place, we ask you to use all means of diplomacy to deliver the following appeal to the diplomatic services of the conflict countries and the arms supplying countries, Russia-Ukraine-USA-NATO-EU. Thus, to stop the war madness in Ukraine and avert all further destruction and economic/social consequences in Europe and around the world:

Call to the concerned foreign ministries of governments worldwide:

The warring parties Ukraine-Russia-NATO/USA and arms supplying countries are urged to agree on an immediate ceasefire and to agree on the modalities and conclusion of a peace treaty.

Yours truly.

Why is this important?

The East-West escalation in Ukraine will directly or indirectly cause more human lives and material destruction throughout Europe and the world in the near future if a ceasefire is not agreed upon as soon as possible and the modalities of a peace treaty are worked out together with the warring parties.
We are definitely in a different social situation than in 1914 or even 1939 as far as the destructive potential of a war with the arsenal of weapons available today is concerned.

It is up to us to prevent this danger.
In the sense of direct democracy, which is lived in Switzerland, this signal is important.



2024-04-20 22:16:06 +0200

Please watch at this video with a great expert John Mearsheimer:
And consider signing the petition

2024-01-22 21:20:52 +0100

If Jeffrey Sachs is a man of honour, why does noone understand him:

2023-12-31 10:45:02 +0100

Listen to that talk:

2023-12-04 19:30:20 +0100

Last interview of professor Sachs about the Ukraine desaster:

2023-08-25 18:56:33 +0200

This is an incredible photo: Leaders becoming kids leading the course of history:,1600,1000,1000,0,0&sum=O8gNwuV1cNw
STOP the war, stop immediatly the delivery of weapons
Save the lives of the Ukrainiens and the Russians

2023-08-24 18:00:13 +0200

Listen to this and sign the petition please:

2023-08-23 20:12:51 +0200

Listen to the truth by Jeffrey Sachs and please sign the petition

2023-08-23 20:10:33 +0200

2023-08-06 23:35:15 +0200