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To: ETH/UZH , Vice President for Finance and Controlling , ETH Executive Board

Return the old prices at ETH/UZH canteens

As of 19 February 2024 ETH and UZH have increased the canteen prices with up to 1CHF. The provided quality has however not been made better, and it is quite subjective whether or not it has gotten worse. It is mainly students that visit the canteens and it’s quite obvious that ETH Gastronomy shouldn’t function as a private business by increasing the prices however and whenever. The universities should provide meals at a fair price. The meals used to cost more than in other top schools in Western Europe anyway, so we, as students, are in our full right to request that the canteen prices are returned to how they were before the last change (19.02.2024).
By signing this petition you support the student request to lower the canteen prices.

Why is this important?

It is the students and co-workers that should react to negative change, without that no improvement could be achieved.
Zürich, Switzerland

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