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An: Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK)


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As Covid-19 spreads more widely, there is a risk that many children will become infected who cannot yet protect themselves through vaccination. That is why effective measures such as CO2 sensors, air filters, mandatory masks and pool testing with uniform quarantine regulations are required in schools. If we don't protect the children, many children will suffer the long-term consequences of infection (long covid) and hundreds will develop PIMS (life-threatening acute multi-inflammatory syndrome), often resulting in treatment in intensive care.

We demand the following measures:
- CO2 sensors in every classroom (with a guideline value of max. 800 ppm CO2 concentration)
- air filters in every classroom
- general obligation to wear masks indoors and at all grade levels
- preventive and repetitive pool testing for all students (at least 2x per week)
- uniform guideline for quarantine of classes in case of positive cases

These measures (which were also requested by the Science Task Force on July 20, 2021) must be maintained at least until vaccination is also available for children.

Warum ist das wichtig?

Children and adolescents already have the highest incidence in many cantons. This is not surprising. At schools, many people spend hours in the same room. The aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2 has been sufficiently proven scientifically and requires appropriate effective measures, especially in schools. Only in this way can school operations be maintained with the greatest possible health protection. Particularly in the case of primary school pupils, it is difficult to demand that they keep their distance.

Until further notice, children under 12 years of age have no vaccination offer and thus cannot be protected in the best possible way against risks such as PIMS and Long Covid. In countries where the delta variant is predominant, an above-average number of infections and hospitalizations among children and adolescents are reported. We are also in favor of further easing if increasing vaccination rates ensure decreasing case numbers and a very low incidence. In addition to the required measures, significantly higher vaccination rates must be achieved among everyone over 12 years of age to reduce the risk of infection for children under 12.

We are counting on compliance with the right to special protection for children and adolescents by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Education Directors (EDK).



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