An: All pension and public fund administrators and all private individuals:

Invest in a future worth living!

Invest in a future worth living!

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The current paper money system is a gigantic debt house of cards and our retirement funds are exposed to risks because they are invested in extremely overvalued stocks, bonds and real estate. To date, we have had practically no way to change this.
The impending climate catastrophe is a recognized, central threat to people and the world. We are experiencing the end of the fossil era and also of nuclear power plants because the cheapest electricity today is solar power. There are gigantic risks from stranded fossil assets amounting to trillions of dollars, because fossil resources are no longer allowed to be extracted and from unprofitable nuclear energy plants with as yet unpredictable follow-up costs.
Wars are another existential threat and have the potential to wipe out the human race at any time. Investments in the war industry are only worthwhile if we want to kill each other. We call on everyone to take immediate action against these two existential threats because neither the best equipped army nor a perfect health system can protect us.
In order to invest in a future worth living, we need to get our money out of lethal investments. In other words: we need to make use of divestment strategies:
The divestment required concerns

- the entire production chain of fossil fuel and nuclear energy
- The entire production chain of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, cluster and uranium ammunition, anti-personnel mines, killer robots and drones.

We are no longer willing to invest in our own doom.
The capital freed up by our divestment could be invested in a decentralized, citizen-friendly energy transition and in a fossil and nuclear-free, non-violent future.

To all administrators of our pension and public funds:
By the end of 2020, our money must be withdrawn entirely from fossil fuels, nuclear energy and all types of weapons of mass destruction.
We incourage the individuals signing this petiton to do the same privately.

Warum ist das wichtig?

In order for us to invest in a future worth living, we must first withdraw our
money from lethal investments.

This should not happen at some point in the distant future or at the discretion of the administrators of our pension funds, but completely and by the end of 2020!